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Online Training

Dog Walker

Join the family

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Includes access to enrichment and fun training videos to keep your dog (and you) entertained

Happy Dog

Staying on top

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For those looking to build on established behaviours and to keep their training fresh.
You will have access to advanced behaviour training videos.
Email support (please allow 48 hrs to reply)
1 video call a month (up to 1 hour) to check in, discus goals and progression.


Puppy class

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The early days are so important when building a good relationship with your dog. With clear, consistent and rewarding interactions we can set our dogs up for a lifetime of reliable behaviours.
This tier is appropriate for puppies and new dogs.
Learn how to effectively teach your dog essential skills; from good manners around food, nice lead walking to reliable recall.
We will also cover how dogs learn, how to communicate with your puppy and why positive reinforcement techniques are so effective.
Advice will be given on home set up and behaviours occurring in the house.
Each week we will have a video call (up to 1 hour) to catch up and support your learning. Email support is always available but please allow 48hrs for a reply.

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