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Dog Walker at the Park

IMDT Partnership Grades

I am excited to introduce the IMDT Partnership Grades 1-6.

These grades offer a certification and rosette for completing each level, making it a wonderful achievement to showcase.

Whether your dog is a puppy or a senior, these grades are suitable for any age.

Our classes works on various aspects including general obedience, increasing handling skills, distance work and also incorporates elements from gundog, scent work, agility and hoopers.

The best part is there is no big test at the end! Instead we emphasise recognising and demonstrating your dog's abilities throughout the course.

Grade 1

Loose Lead Walking 100m





Chin Rest

imdt grade 1.JPG

Grade 3

Loose Lead walking 300m 


Emergency Stop

Meet a Friendly Stranger

Clear Jump

Bow, Spin, Twist

imdt grade 3.JPG

Grade 5

  • Loose Lead Walking 250m fast paced

  • Search

  • Canine Knowledge

  • Sit

  • Boomerangs

  • Send Aways

imdt grade 5.JPG

Grade 2

Loose lead walking 200m




Clear Jump

Bow, Spin, Twist

imdt grade 2.JPG

Grade 4

  • Loose Lead Walking 400m

  • Search

  • Down

  • Meet a Friendly Stranger with a Dog

  • Boomerangs

  • Send Away

imdt grade 4.JPG

Grade 6

  • Loose Lead Walking 300m fast and slow pace

  • Sequence

  • Directions

  • Retrieve

  • Clear Jumps

  • Bang!

imdt grade 6.JPG
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